Meeting Notes

PHNA Board Meeting
Peter Howell Elementary School
November 7, 2018 - 6:00 - 7:30 PM - Agenda   Notes

PHNA Annual Meeting
October 17, 2018 - 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Lodge on the Desert - Agenda  Committee Notes  President's Report  Notes
306 N. Alvernon Way

PHNA Board Meeting
Peter Howell Elementary School
September 5, 2018 - 6:00 - 7:30 PM - Agenda   Notes

PHNA Board Meeting
Eckstrom-Columbus Library
July 11, 2018 - 6:00-7:30 PM   Agenda   Notes

PHNA Board Meeting
Peter Howell Elementary School
May 9, 2018 - 6:00-7:30 PM   Agenda   Notes

PHNA Spring General Meeting
Peter Howell Elementary School
401 N. Irving Ave
April 11, 2018 - 6:00-8:00 PM   Agenda  Notes
  ** New Version of Bylaws Adopted
  ** Followup to meeting discussion: Index to Park Renaming Survey Results

PHNA Board Meeting
Peter Howell Elementary School
March 7, 2018 - 6:00-7:30 PM   Agenda  Notes

PHNA Board Meeting
Peter Howell Elementary School
January 10, 2018 - 6:00-7:30 PM   Agenda  Notes

PHNA Board Meeting
Peter Howell Elementary School
November 6, 2017    Notes

PHNA Annual Meeting
Peter Howell Elementary School
October 18, 2017

Welcome - Mary Koopman
Mary introduced herself as acting president until November when officer elections are held.

Tree Committee report - Mary Koopman

Mary spoke of each of the two meetings which the Tree Committee has held. The first meeting had Kate Gannon from Trees for Tucson, Chris Ortiz Y Pino from Ward 6, and Sean Nicholson from the Parks District in attendance, as well as the members from Tree Committee: Susy Oviedo, Andrew Berg, Oweta Josleyn, Russ Eley, Stephen Ford, with Mary Koopman as chair. It was first understood that we would have to wait for Spring 2018 to start any work on irrigation, but now it looks like it could be sooner.

Mary has requested help with writing a Watershed Grant that would help create berms, swales, and other earthworks in order to slow the flooding and help keep as much water from flooding off and out of the park. Mary also explained that at the second Tree Committee meeting, the members decided upon which types of trees would be planted (10 have been offered by Trees for Tucson), and where they would be planted. Mary suggested it would be fun to plan a planting event, with Trees for Tucson digging the holes, and PHN neighbors helping to plant the trees.

Watershed Management Grant for Alvernon Park - Kate Gannon

Continuing the Tree Committee discussion, Kate elaborated on the Watershed Grants program as well as the effectiveness of having more trees at our park. She explained that Himmel Park recently planted 60 trees, with the help of Trees for Tucson and a community group called Friends of Himmel Park. Kate suggested it might be a good idea to learn from such an event. Kate also touched on Oweta’s commitment to get trees planted at Peter Howell Elementary, but that their irrigation system had to be overhauled.

Bus Stop Shelters - Oweta Josleyn

Oweta, a resident and crossing guard for Peter Howell school, explained that she has continued her effort to provide better shelters for children and parents waiting for the bus. Currently, the bus stops do not offer any shade, and parents and children are forced to stand and wait in the hot sun, or must seek out shade in private yards. Some families even have to wait in the shade across the street from their bus stop, only to run out and catch the bus when it comes. Plans are being made to decide whether it is better to move the bus stop in order to be in the shade of a current mature tree, or to create a bus stop shelter, which would be more expensive.

Steve Kozachik, Ward 6 Councilman

Steve spoke of the importance of communicating with Ward 6 in regards to projects, even if something had been started (such as the bus stop shelters project). Projects can fall off the radar as there are so many things going on. Neighborhood committees are invited to contact Ward 6 if the City is involved, so that items and projects will be followed through. A neighbor asked about current progress on paving streets and was given an update on the process.

Renaming Alvernon Park - John Sainz

John spoke about his friend Jeffrey Ross, and how they grew up in Peter Howell neighborhood together, attending Peter Howell Elementary and even working as crossing guards. Jeffrey was killed on duty at an infamous Tucson bar in 1982. John said that at the time, fallen officers were not memorialized as they should be, and he feels that not enough was done to remember the upstanding person that Jeffrey was. John, along with Jeffrey’s family, feels that renaming our park in his honor would be an appropriate action.

John and others have gathered signatures on a petition as required by Tucson Parks and Recreation's renaming process and will submit it soon. For those who do not wish the renaming of Alvernon Park to take place, letters with reasons for opposition may be attached to emails sent to Parks and Recreation or sent to Nancy Huff for forwarding.

Pitch for Board Member applications and subsequent Election of 2017-2018 PHNA Board Members - Mary and Don

Mary and Don explained the need for neighbors to sign up to join the PHNA board of directors. Susy Oviedo, Connie Williams, Russ Eley, and Doug Angleton have decided to continue on the board. Four additional neighbors decided to stand for election to the board: Oweta “Cookie” Josleyn, Paige Ricks, Andrea Rodriguez, and Margaret Drugay. All eight nominees were elected by acclamation. Plans will be made to hold a board meeting to elect officers within 30 days of this annual meeting, as per the bylaws.

Neighborhood residents wishing to join the board may be added throughout the year (up to a maximum membership of 15) by vote of the board. Contact the association for more information.

Pitch for Halloween Parade help/donations - Nancy Huff

Nancy announced the PHNA Halloween Parade to be held on October 28, at 4:30pm at Alvernon Park. Jacquetta Alexander (Principal of Peter Howell Elementary) suggested that in lieu of donating cookies for the Rooftop Santa event, the school could donate treats for the Halloween event. A few other neighbors offered to donate candy as well, and it was decided that any donations should be dropped off to Patricia Martin’s house. Nancy also announced that Faith Lutheran church will be having a safe Halloween event at their church on Halloween. More information TBA.

Explain lack of Rooftop Santa this year due to lack of funds and props - Mary

Mary mentioned that there would unfortunately be no rooftop santa event this year due to a lack of funds and props, as well as the lack of location due to the fact that the person who ran the event the past two years had moved from the home where the event was held. Judy Mitchell, on Irving, raised her hand and offered to have a smaller “meet and greet with Santa” event at her home. Judy explained that there would be no need for props, as they have plenty of Christmas decorations, and all agreed that the “meet and greet with Santa” would continue this year at Judy’s home with the date to be announced. Judy will reach out to Patricia Martin to plan the event.

Treasurer’s Report - Connie Williams

Connie reported that at this date there was $59.15 in the PHNA checking account and $300.02 in the PHNA savings account.

Audit Report, and plan forward - Neil Scott

Neil read aloud a statement on the board's investigation which included the audit:

"In July 2017, the board of directors of the Peter Howell Neighborhood Association discovered what appeared to be financial improprieties related to the association's bank account. Since that time, the board has gathered and reviewed a great deal of information. On October 4, 2017, the board asked the Tucson Police Department to investigate. While the investigation proceeds, probably for months, the board must refrain from comment on details of the case."

Some neighbors commented that the amount missing was larger than the amount that the Audit Committee found missing, but Neil explained that due to a lack of evidence, the specific amount the Audit Committee painstakingly assessed is the amount we have gone to TPD with.

Going forward, new financial controls now in place include having two board members with login access to the bank account, every payment from the PHNA account authorized by the board, careful management of any debit card, monthly reports on the accounts, and other controls to be discussed by the board. Plans to update the bylaws are also in the works.

Neighbor Comments

Meeting minutes should be posted on the blog. (This has always been the case, but a computer glitch rendered the meeting minutes tab to disappear for around 24 hours . . . since corrected.) Events should also be posted on the blog, as not everyone has Nextdoor or Facebook.

PHNA Board Meeting
Peter Howell School
September 25, 2017    Notes

PHNA Board Meeting
Peter Howell School
September 18, 2017   Notes

PHNA Board Meeting
Peter Howell School
August 21, 2017   Notes

PHNA Board Meeting
Ward 6 West Meeting Rm
July 17, 2017        Notes

June 14, 2017
Effective this date, Claude "Bear" Bailey has resigned his position as President of the Association and as a member of the Board. The Board of Directors has not named a successor at this time.

Peter Howell Neighborhood Spring Meeting
La Quinta Inn at 102 North Alvernon Way
Monday May 15, 2017 - 6:30 PM

Opening remarks and introductions were made by PHNA President Claude Bailey. Thirty neighbors signed the attendance list. Presenters for agenda items on the spring Curb Appeal contest and to give the Treasurer's Report were not available tonight.

Tucson Police Dept personnel Lt. John Buckley, Sgt. Cruz and Community Service Officer Kara Curtis want to continue and expand working with the community. They spoke about safety tips when you go on vacation, when to call the police, what the police do about park trespassers. Please call 911 when something is not right. Be eyes and ears for the police. For non-emergency questions or general assistance, call Tucson Police Midtown CSO Kara Curtis at 520-837-7428.

City Council representative Steve Kozachik spoke about how proud he is of the constituent services his staff provides to Ward 6 residents. Council Aides, especially Amy Stabler for Peter Howell, are ready to tackle most any problem with City government that comes along. Amy will be moving to North Carolina next month and introduced her replacement, Chris Ortiz y Pina. Contact number for them at Ward 6 is 520-837-4238.

Steve went on to describe recent changes in City Code Enforcement, including changes modeled on what was learned from Mesa's code enforcement presentation from last fall. Several code inspectors are being trained to better present cases in City Court and an effort is being made to have a designated City Magistrate hear the cases, to provide continuity. New software is planned which will help streamline field inspectors' duties and data entry. A new flyer has been created to promote clean neighborhoods.

Steve responded to several particular problems brought up by attendees. He also urged residents to rapidly report graffiti, with a picture if possible, so that cleaning can take place quickly, thus reducing the benefit to the tagger. TPD keeps a graffiti picture database that is instrumental in tracking activity that leads to convictions. Steve talked about how he generates his newsletter, which is a byproduct of his meticulous review of current issues, upcoming Mayor and Council agendas, and activities at state and federal levels.

Deanna Barber, a Navigator from Catholic Community Services, described the Tucson Homeless Work Program. Screened homeless individuals work five hours a day cleaning public property, are paid $10 per hour and get lunch and access to showers and various services. Deanna assisted with the group that cleaned the storm channel N. of 5th & Longfellow.

PHNA board member Mary Koopman, wants to reactivate Neighborhood Watch. She will host a meeting to allow neighbors to learn more and to commit to participating in the program.

501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Application Update - still pending - an audit of PHNA books is needed - former PHNA president and treasurer Neil Scott volunteered to head up effort.

PHNA Board Meeting
Peter Howell Elementary School
November 16, 2016

Attendees: Claude Bailey, Mary Koopman, Consuelo Williams, Dan Sullivan, Susy Oviedo, Doug Angleton, Patty Martin, and guest Don Ijams

It was discussed:

Please extend the reach of the association beyond any electronic or printed means by encouraging everyone to spread the word personally to all neighbors about the activities of PHNA.

The annual Rooftop Santa Pageant will be held on Friday 12-23-2016 at 6:30 PM and also at 8:00 PM. The event will be at Priscilla Teran’s house, 4053 E. 4th St. There will be additional organizing meetings soon.

A santa suit needs to be paid for and made available to the person who will play the role this year. The ID of the payee is being determined and an attempt for contact will be made by D. Angleton.

Patty Martin chaired a meeting on November 10, 2016 to begin planning for next spring's Beautiful Curb Appeal Contest. Signage needs to be paid for and ordered; 200 dollars was requested for this purpose. The contest will be held in March 2017 with information and the application process to come. The date for the awards ceremony was set as April 2, 2017. The next organizing meeting for the Curb Appeal contest will be January 12, 2017. To help make this neighborhood event a success, please contact Patty Martin.

At the other end of the curb appeal spectrum are those properties not receiving sufficient care. It was suggested that the neighborhood association might send residents an informal notice in the form of a printed card letting them know their grounds are not being tended according to City Code requirements. The city can levy a fine, but the neighborhood card would be sent as a friendly reminder by the association. The reminders may also point out that alleyway spaces and rights of way need to be kept up by property owners as well as sidewalk areas.

Spring Cleaning — the Community Yard Sale that benefits PHNA will be held on March 25, 2017.

The following Neighborhood Association officers for 2016-17 were elected by acclamation:
  • Claude "Bear" Bailey - President
  • Russell Eley - Vice-President
  • Consuelo Williams - Treasurer
  • Doug Angleton - Secretary
Links to resources for new board member will be provided by D. Ijams and C. Bailey (e.g. City of Tucson Neighborhood Resources and NSN)

The next Board Meeting is set for Monday December 12, 2016, 6:30 PM, at the Peter Howell School Library. Before the meeting date, please bring any ideas or concerns you may have to the attention of PHNA President Bailey.

PHNA Annual Meeting
Peter Howell Elementary School
October 20, 2016
  • Welcome (Claude Bailey)
  • Guest speaker Steve Kozachik, Ward 6 City Council member
    • What to do when you get pulled over by the police.
    • Code enforcement issues: Join a meeting Monday 6pm at the Ward 6 office to learn about how best practices in code enforcement from Mesa might be implemented in Tucson. 
    • Discussion on capital needs. The city now has a structurally balanced budget for operations, but how do we manage capital needs, especially with Prop 409 funds running out? If we raise sales tax, what do we prioritize – streets, public safety, parks?
    • Firearms disposal discussion - state law limits city's options
  • Guest speaker Richard Elias, Pima County District 5 Supervisor
    • District 5 is a large district, with 60 neighborhood associations and 250,000 people.
    • Pima County spends 4 million dollars a day, 60% on criminal justice, and the rest on wastewater, roads, libraries, public health, and more. Most of that is funded by property taxes (except wastewater treatment, which is funded by ratepayers).
    • Funding mechanism for maintaining county roads needs review
    • Maintaining county open space is important; need to consider needs for off-road vehicles
  • Treasurer’s report and Events (Gigi Brown)
    • $2,493.20 in the PHNA account.
    • Upcoming events (Gigi Brown)
      • Halloween Parade: Oct. 31 around 3rd, Irving, Roberts, and Longfellow.
      • Rooftop Santa: Dec. 23 at 4053 E. 4th St. 
      • Spring yard sale: April
      • Annual Picnic: April
      • Curb appeal contest: March-May
  • Peter Howell Elementary School update (Nancy Huff)
    • Drop in to meet the principal. There are ways to volunteer at the school.
    • Watch out for kids and others on walk/bike-to-school days.
    • Consider supporting the school through the Arizona School Tax Credit.
  • Board member nominations and election (Claude Bailey)
    • Susan Kaleita, Neil Scott, Gigi Brown, Roland Lavetter, and Margo Williams are rotating off the board.
    • Incumbents Claude Bailey, Susy Oviedo, Ned Bloomfield, Consuelo Williams, Dave Carter, and Patty Martin were nominated to stay on the board, with new nominations being Russ Eley, Dan Sullivan, Mary Koopman, and Doug Angleton. All nominated board members were elected by acclamation. At the first board meeting after the annual meeting, PHNA officers will be elected.
  • Newsletter preparation help is needed  (Claude Bailey)

PHNA Board Meeting August 18, 2016 Meeting called to order: Dave Carter, Patricia Martin, Priscilla Teran, Consuelo Williams, Susan Kaleita, Gigi Brown, Suzy Oviedo, Claude Bailey, guest neighbor Russ Eley
  • Rooftop Santa – All in attendance agreed to Friday, Dec. 23 at Pricilla Teran's home.
    • Unresolved Santa costume ownership issue (~$120). 
      • Dave moves to reimburse Santa suit owner and reclaim the suit for PHNA ownership; Susan seconds. Motion passed.
  • Newsletter updates
    • Photos of Spring events: Email photos to Suzy ASAP (Curb Appeal, Picnic, Yard Sale, Noche en Azul, Dumpster cleanups)
    • Articles
    • Ads 
  • Annual Fall Meeting
    • Thursday, October 20, 2016 - 6 PM at Peter Howell School

PHNA Board Meeting July 21, 2016 Call to order – PHNA President Claude Bailey - Attendance: Ned Bloomfield, Dave Carter, Patricia Martin, Suzy Oviedo, Neil Scott, Susan Kaleita, Consuelo Williams
  • Board updates
    • All Board meetings to be held on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Board member attendance is key; per by-laws, board members may be removed from the board after numerous absences.
  • Fall newsletter
    • Mail date around September 15, 2016
    • Suzy will send out an email regarding ads and content needs, and set up a newsletter meeting.
  • Annual Fall Meeting
    • Will be held October 20, 2016, probably at Peter Howell Elementary
    • Possible speakers include Supervisor Richard Elias and a TPD representative
  • Halloween Parade
    • Parade only; Patricia will be point of contact; Neil will contact the band and Dave will take photos.
    • Neighbors on the parade route (same as last year) will be notified via map in the Fall newsletter.
  • Rooftop Santa
    • Will be held Friday, December 23, 2016 possibly at the Moeller/Kaleita home on 3rd St.
  • Next meeting: August 18, 2016

PHNA Board Meeting
May 11, 2016 at Peter Howell School
Susan Kaleita, PHNA Secretaty

Call to Order by PHNA President Bailey In attendance: Susan Kaleita, Patty Martin, Bear Bailey, Ned Bloomfield, Suzy Oviedo, Neil Scott, and guests Don Ijams, Amy Stabler (Ward 6), Austin Wesnitzer (TDOT) and Alfred Zuniga(TDOT)
  • City of Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) updates – Austin Wesnitzer and Alfred Zuniga
    • Upcoming residential street resurfacing work in Peter Howell North will start May 23rd. Work hours will be from 7am-3pm - work to be completed within 90 days, until August 18th. This is part of the Road Recovery Bond Program ( - check out the interactive map!).
    • Notices (general notice by mail and hand-delivered door hangers about specific work) going out now and during the duration of project.
    • Cars must be parked off the street during resurfacing.
    • Two packages:
      • Bike Boulevard on 3rd – Milling out 2 inches of asphalt and adding new asphalt; no new speed humps
      • Rest of neighborhood – Cracks will be fixed, patching done, chip seal and slurry seal (a little rougher than the bike boulevard package)
    • No immediate plans for Peter Howell South resurfacing.
    • With concerns and other suggested areas to resurface: Check out the City of Tucson website for information about the Bond Oversight Commission – you can attend a meeting to make comments:
    • Contact TDOT Public Information Officer Mike Graham at 837-6686 to mention other neighborhood areas to be considered for resurfacing.
    • Report road maintenance issues through this City website:
  • Other City updates/reminders:
    • Graffiti: Call the City at 792-2489, or submit a report online.
    • For info on gating easements: Contact Jesse Soto in the Tucson Transportation Department: or 837-6732

PHNA Board of Directors Meeting
February 24, 2016 Meeting Minutes at the home of Susan Kaleita, PHNA Secretary
Meeting called to order. In attendance: Susan Kaleita, Neil Scott, Patty Martin, Connie Williams, Gigi Brown, Claude Bailey, Dave Carter
  • Approved minutes from January meeting.
  • Connie’s surprise
    • An unearthed article from the Tucson Citizen 1997 article about Doc and Pat Saelens’ annual “Roof-Top Christmas Play,” at 4252 E 5th St, plus a program from the event.
  • Curb Appeal Contest
    • Still taking nominations from neighbors to identify 20-25 houses by March 5th.
    • Send nominations to Neil Scott.
    • Final judging: We agree to spend $35 for refreshments for the April 2 event.
    • Prizes include a sculpture, memberships and tickets for Botanical Gardens.
  • Communications
    • New banner is up in the park.
    • Postcard: $336.25 for 950 4x6 postcards, mailed ASAP. We will send a newsletter instead.
      • Could we get PHNA information in the City’s Brush & Bulky announcement?
    • Newsletter: All content and ads due March 10.
      • We will send an 8 page newsletter.
      • We have approximately 11 ads and need about 18.
  • Treasurer Report
    • Checking: 1,412.71; Savings: 1,000.36; Total: $2,413.07
    • Fundraising ideas (e.g. percentage night at Guadalajara Grill!) to be a topic of discussion at a future meeting.
  • 501(c)(3) status
    • Filed Articles of Incorporation with the Arizona Corporation Commission; awaiting a response.
  • Allocation of funds
    • Neil will draft standard operating procedures about spending funds, and send to board for review.
  • Annual picnic – April 24
    • Picnic will be planned during the next meeting.
    • Securing a corporate sponsor is key.
  • Next meeting:
    • Thursday, March 10, 6:30pm, at Peter Howell Elementary (pending confirmation)

PHNA Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes, January 20, 2016 at the home of President Bear Bailey
In attendance: Claude 'Bear' Bailey, Susan Kaleita, Suzy Oviedo, Priscilla Teran, Patty Martin, Dave Carter, Neil Scott, Gigi Brown

I. Old Business
  • Rooftop Santa – Board voted to reimburse for sundry Santa-related items required for Rooftop Santa in December 2015.
  • Authorization for PHNA monies clarification – Unauthorized financial commitments will not be reimbursed. All expenditures must be approved by PHNA Board of Directors.
II. New Business
  • Election of Treasurer – Board voted to elect Gigi Brown as Treasurer. Gigi and Bear will sign checks now - Neil and Susan will be off the account.
  • Curb Appeal Committee Report – Patty Martin updated on timeline.
    • 3/5: Judges will select 20-25 candidates.
    • 3/18: Judges will select winning properties.
    • 4/2: Award ceremony, 3-5pm at Alvernon Park
  • Vice-President’s Report – Dave Carter: Communication meant for an external audience (e.g. promoting events in the newspaper or PHNA email) needs to be vetted by the PHNA Board of Directors.
    • Board agreed to develop standard operating procedures for external communications. 
  • Newsletter 
    • Newsletter details (length, ads, and content) will be discussed at the next board meeting and possibly by a committee. 
    • FY 16 mailing through City will be a postcard with the dates of Spring 2016 PHNA events (Curb Appeal awards 4/2, neighborhood yard sale 4/2, annual picnic 4/24). 
  • Board Meetings and General Neighborhood Meetings
    • Any neighbor is invited to submit agenda items at any time to PHNA email address (; board will schedule time for external presenters as appropriate. 
    • Next all-neighborhood general meeting will be in October 2016.
  • Annual Picnic – Neighborhood picnic scheduled for April 24, 1-4pm, at Alvernon Park.

PHNA Board of Directors Meeting
November 10, 2015 at the home of Neil Scott.
Board members in attendance: Gigi Brown, Claude (Bear) Bailey, Dave Carter, Roland Lavetter, Susan Kaleita, Patricia Martin, Susy Oviedo, Neil Scott and Consuelo Williams.

Other board members not in attendance: Bree Richmond, Margo Williams, Ned Bloomfield and Priscilla Teran. Two guests and former PHNA presidents, Don Ijams and Nancy Huff, attended the meeting. Outgoing President Neil Scott declared that there was a quorum present and opened the meeting at 7 PM.

Scott said that previous discussions revealed only three people desiring to run for PHNA offices. For President - Claude Bailey, for Vice President -  Dave Carter and for Secretary - Susan Kaleita. No other nominations came forward. These three were elected by unanimous vote. Treasurer will remain open for a while - Gigi Brown is considering the position.

PHNA Officers for 2015-2016 President - Claude Bailey Vice President - Dave Carter Secretary - Susan Kaleita Treasurer - (temporarily open)

Incoming President Bear Bailey assumed leadership of the meeting. The next meeting of the board will be an informal one, held at the same time and location as the Rooftop Santa decoration event at Prisilla Teran's home on 4th St on Saturday November 21, 2015. Discussion Items:
  • Susy suggested that the board members communicate with one another by using the online site Slack. She will set up a group for the board, to try it out.
  • Don said that he would continue to send messages to the neighborhood email list using Mailchimp. He will also continue to maintain pages on the PHNA blogspot (this site).
  • Susy said that she would consider using the newsletter template Bree had created to construct PHNA newsletters with content, pictures and ads that Bear would coordinate.
  • Money collected years ago for use in building traffic circles and speed humps in the neighborhood was discussed. The process for returning the money in a responsible manner was described as was the possible use of unclaimed money for neighborhood projects. More
The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM followed by cookies and lemonade.
Notes by D.S. Ijams

PHNA - Fall Annual Meeting October 21, 2015 The neighborhood fall meeting was called to order by President Neil Scott at 6:30 PM on Wednesday October 21, 2015 at the La Quinta Inn and Suites.

We had 40 plus members in attendance. Councilman Steve Kozachik updated us on the bond issues, detailed city services and initiatives. The City is currently interviewing candidates for police chief.

The councilman then took questions from the floor.  Of note the City, has a 40 million dollar shortfall in their projected budget for next fiscal year. Community Resource Officer Dan Lucas from the Tucson Police Department informed us of programs and initiatives regarding community safety backed up by statistics of neighborhood crime and how we can team up in a crime prevention effort. 

The election of PHNA Board of directors was held. The current board members names were read and names of volunteers were solicited. Three residents announced an interest to serve and after a short discussion their names were added to the slate.  There was a motion from the floor to approve the slate of candidates without further discussion. A vote was taken and the slate was approved.

PHNA Board of directors elected by acclamation for 2015-2016 are:

1. Bree Richmond 2. Gigi Brown 3. Claude Bailey 4. Consuelo Williams 5. Dave Carter 6. Margo Williams 7. Ned Bloomfield 8. Patricia Martin 9. Priscilla Teran 10. Roland Lavetter 11. Susan Kaleita 12. Susy Oviedo 13. Neil Scott

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.
Per Neil Scott

PHNA Board Discussion (this was not technically a meeting since a quorum was not met) August 11, 2015 at Patty Martin and Dave Carter’s house Attendees: Neil Scott, Bree Richmond, Dave Carter(guest), Patty Martin, Andrea Rodriguez, Bear Bailey (guest), Susan Kaleita Absent: Mariano Rodriguez, Gigi Brown, Priscilla Teran, Ned Bloomfield Fall newsletter discussion:
  • Article overview provided by Bree Richmond. A few spaces remain 
    • Suggested artists in the Neighborhood column
  • Ad requests
    • Keeping it to local advertisers for next 1 ½ weeks
      • Sol Axe?
2015 Annual Meeting (Wed Oct 21 6:30PM @ La Qinta Inn) discussion: Proposed speakers:
  • Dan Lucas
  • Jaye from PH school talk?
  • Esther from Faith Lutheran talk?
  • Ask mayor?
Proposed topics:
  • 2015 events re-cap
  • Call for volunteers
    • Grant committee
    • Communications committee
    • Events committee
  • Surveys provided
  • Agricultural ordinance follow up
  • Alvernon park topics:
    • Signs at the park for dogs
    • Restroom debate
  • Case studies of micro-neighborhood cohesion
    • Ladies of the street group
    • Games group
New PHNA Board elections
  • Neil Scott will not be running for PHNA Board President re-election
  • 15 spaces/currently have 10 members
  • Can vote board members in at any time?
  • Dave Carter and Bear Bailey want to be on the board/ Consuelo Williams may also want to become a board member; board will vote by email
Grants discussion:
  • Susan to look into grants from Bree
Events discussion: Art fair possibly for the Fall of 2016
  • Invite food vendors
  • Partner with Poets Square?
Unauthorized commitment discussion:
  • No board member can speak on behalf of PHN as a whole; topics need to be voted on before being presented to the neighborhood at large
Action items:
  • Talk to Connie about board membership - Neil
  • Put Connie, Bear & Dave’s board membership to a vote – Neil 

PHNA Board Meeting July 16, 2015  - Neil Scott’s house Present: Dave, Patty, Gigi, Neil, Priscilla, Ned, Bree, Claude Meeting called to order at 6:40 PM

- Newsletter (Bree)- Next newsletter will be ready for the end of August.  Still selling ads for Fall newsletter.  12 pages newsletter will pay for itself if all ads are sold.  Bree will ask for board members to write articles about events that have happened in the neighborhood.

 - There will be two new members in the communications committee. - We will set up a PayPal account for ads and events.  Susan will set it up (sorry Susan you are not here so now you have a job) 

- Patty wants to add a question to the survey about changing the name of the neighborhood.  Bree will put together a survey.

 - Halloween - Saturday 31st.  Start at 4:30pm with pictures, merchandise, water, and band.  Parade starts 5:30 with the band.  Longfellow to Roberts, to Irving circle to 3rd and back to the park.  Invite the 3 schools and invite homeowners on the route to give out candy. Invite pets to dress up. Streets: Patty - Longfellow and 3rd Priscilla - Irving Bree - Roberts

 - Christmas - Santas are confirmed. - Lights confirmed. - Rehearsal dinner lady needs to be confirmed. - We need to replace the Santa sleigh, Rudolph’s face, and sign. - We need additional signs.  - Neil will make a list of places for signs. - Church is on board for chorus and hot chocolate. - Ask for donations on Nextdoor. - Advertise on Tucson Weekly and Arizona Star. - Buy candy - Photographer confirmed. Santa Committee: - Dave (props) - Bear (props) - Patty - Priscilla - Gigi - Neil (labor for signs) Light set up:  Saturday 21st Curb Appeal (Patty): Neighbors want to volunteer.  Have a meeting for input.  Meeting happening on August 8th.

Next meeting: August 11th - Meeting adjourned 7:49pm

PHNA Board Meeting
March 12, 2015
Meeting called to order at 6:40 PM by President Neil Scott

Attendance Neil Scott Bree Richmond Andrea Rodriguez Susan Kaleita Mariano Rodriguez Gigi Brown Priscilla Teran Consuelo (guest) Susan

 – Treasurers Report -$30 for yard sale change +460 ads in newsletter to date, more expected +63.22 cash and change from rooftop Santa Balance of account as of today $2774.33 Do we want to prioritize our budget spending? Discussion by Neil Each committee needs to put together a wish list (expense list).  We all agreed on the idea.

 – Bree Discussion on using Nextdoor as a way of communicating by Consuelo - Change subject line if you change the topic of conversation Bree - Proposal from Good Neighbor Ventures PHNA received a quote for services including designing and performing surveys, compiling neighborhood demographics, etc. - The board has approved ordering a Neighborhood Report for $29.99. Gigi and Priscilla will work on a survey for the next event – Gigi will print 100 copies, Andrea will transfer them to Survey Monkey, Nextdoor, Blog, etc. Bree

- Email announcements and social media activity.  Originally emails are supposed to go out once a month.  There’s a timeline already established to know when we will be posting.  Discussion on what is an official post on social media led by Bree. Bree will add the Communications Committee Request form and the Standing committee description, check request on Google Drive The board was reminded to be careful with the things we post/emails we send, When replying back, ensure you know your audience.

- Neil Bree – update on newsletters which will be on mailboxes this weekend.  75 extras were printed Cost $659.11, which includes mailing Profit was $556 1,100 newsletters were printed The fall newsletter will be a 12-page newsletter Event/Fundraiser

 – Yard sale: 10 people have signed up.  We need volunteers putting up signs on Friday the 20th.  Gigi, Susan and John, Bree and Bear, Neil.  Patty will coordinate.
 - Curb Appeal first weeks winner was Scott on Alhambra. 43 houses have been nominated with more nominations expected during the 13 weeks the contest runs.   Andrea Annual picnic (April 19) update.  Consuelo needs help contacting businesses for sponsors and donations.  Musician, jumping castle, port-a-potty.  Consuelo Priscilla will send out an email with a total of shirts and totes. Board will vote on ordering more merchandise or not. Posting PHNA merchandise on Facebook, Nextdoor, and blog was suggested. Consuelo and Mariano Noche en Azul- everyone from the neighborhood is invited.  Everyone brings his or her own table, food, drinks, and entertainment.  The event is posted in the newsletter. Equipment borrowed - if we borrow equipment we have to be responsible for things borrowed from businesses. Deadline for turning in receipts will be 30 days.

 - Spring general meeting is scheduled for April 16th at La Quinta Inn and Suites 102 N. Alvernon. 

Meeting adjourned by chair at 8:28 PM

   ------ An online meeting was held on March 19 for the purpose of obligating funds. A vote was held to purchase an events banner and was passed by a majority vote with discussion.

PHNA Board Meeting
February 10, 2015 Ned Bloomfield's home
Meeting called to order at 6:36pm by President Neil Scott

Gigi Brown   Andrea Rodriguez
Ned Bloomfield   Mariano Rodriguez
Bree Richmond   Susan Kaleita
Patty Martin   Priscilla Teran
Neil Scott   Midge Irvin
Arthur Thomson   Amy Stabler
Consuelo Williams   Milini Simms

 - Roll Call and Introductions -Treasurer Susan Kaleita reported that there is $2,012.43 in the PHNA account
 - Guest: Milini Sims Good Neighbor Ventures is a neighborhood program that helps finish programs already started, identify needs in neighborhood and many other services.  GNV offers grants to neighborhoods to help get them organized and to fund projects in the neighborhoods.  Milini presented the neighborhood with a Neighborhood Report. Voting for ordering a Report for $30 will happen at a later date. The board and guests were updated about what has been going on at the neighborhood. Grants and ideas for consideration were given by different members of the meeting:
  • Conserve2enhance grant to improve washes, habitats, water harvesting, etc.
  • Idea: TEP solar ‘ramadas’ for the park
  • There’s no requirement for percentage of neighbors approving a plan for the park.  
  • When we plan for park renovations, we can’t do bike jumps. A community garden can happen on Montezuma street.
 - Old business: Bulletin Board for Park: a motion was made and passed to add a bulletin board at park priced at $400 when funds are available.

 - New Business: Trees for Tucson (Bree) They provide shade trees at discounted prices.  Neighbors could buy a tree and donate it for the park. TEP and Long Realty also have trees available. -Event/Fundraising Committee Report (Andrea) March 21st, Saturday will be the Community Yard Sale March - May

 –  Curb Appeal Contest -Communications Committee Report (Bree) Advertising for newsletter was $1,200 Spring and Fall newsletter was sold out Motion to make a 12-page newsletter was approved 

Meeting adjourned at 8:17pm - Next meeting on March 12, 2015 at Priscilla’s house

PHNA Board Meeting
January 6, 2015
  1. Call to order
    1. In attendance: Neil Scott, Andrea Rodriguez, Susan Kaleita, Bree Richmond, Gigi  Brown, Patricia Martin, Ned Bloomfield
    2. Absent: Roland Lavetter, Priscilla Teran, Mariano Rodriguez
  2. Admin
    1. Minutes from December – MOTION TO APPROVE PASSED
      1. Notable updates regarding December agenda items:
        1. Committees: Events & Fundraising and Communications committees have made great progress; the Neighborhood Relations committee still needs a chair and draft standard operating procedures.
        2. Kristine Hall from CODAC has joined NextDoor to stay aware of neighborhood concerns.
        3. Ann Chanecka from the City of Tucson requests a letter of support from the PHNA on the Irving Circle & 3rd St traffic circle.
        4. Lights on 3rd St may be a real possibility, as the City is focused on bike boulevard improvements. Sidewalks are less likely but under discussion.
        5. Mariano & Andrea Rodriguez are testing wifi motion sensor camera lightbulbs and may arrange for neighbors to buy them at $45-80.
    2. Treasurer's report
      1. PHNA accounts total 1,876.56 in Savings, 168.08 in Checking (2,044.64 total)
        1. $32.21 due to Patty Martin for the Rooftop Santa volunteer dinner; other reimbursements pending.
    3. Neighborhood Reinvestment Bond Issue - Meeting January 9, 2015
      1. From a Neighborhood Support Network email: "Pima County Bond Advisory Committee Meeting on Friday, January 9, 2015 at 8 a.m. in RiverPark Inn, 350 S. Freeway (west side I-10 frontage road) and we once again need a maximum turnout of Neighborhood Reinvestment supporters as a show of force in favor of the $30 million funding for this excellent program."
      2. Attendance at this is encouraged as PHNA will want to tap this bond money for Alvernon Park improvements.
  3. Old business
    1. Dates for General Meeting and Annual Picnic
        1. General Meeting: 4/16/15, 6pm at TBD
        2. Annual Picnic: 4/19/15, 1-4pm at Alvernon Park
      2. Annual Meeting (fall): 10/21/15, 6pm at TBD
4.       Committees reports
    1. Communications: Bree Richmond, Chair. (Members: Priscilla Teran, Patty Martin, Madeline deBlois, Donald Ijams)
      1. Committee progress: Held elections, created committee description, assigned tasks, discussed digital versus print communications, and outline the communications process (timeline, forms, costs, and other expectations).  
      2. Spring newsletter:
        1. Production:
          1. Bree will get quotes from Arizona Jet Mail to inform decisions about newsletter length and cost, size, and number of ads.
          2. Intended drop date: 3/16/15; process begins 7 weeks prior.
        2. Advertisements:
          1. Andrea, Gigi, and Patty will create 1-sheet on with information on ad costs and newsletter distribution.
          2. Nearby businesses and neighbors with businesses will be solicited.
        3. Content:
          1. Regular columns:
            1. Past events report
            2. Upcoming events
            3. Safety information
            4. Board members with contact information
            5. Thanks to thoughtful neighbors
            6. Celebrating our neighbors
            7. PHNA contact info and important numbers
          2. Other columns:
            1. General Meeting & Picnic information
            2. Other ideas can be submitted to Bree
    2. Events & Fundraising committee
      1. Events (Chair, Andrea Rodriguez): Priority is setting dates for 2015 events
        1. Spring cleaning – Sunday, 2/22
          1. Organize people to pick up alleys & streets
          2. Rent a dumpster - city gives it to the city for free
          3. Refreshments in the park
        2. Spring Yard Sale – Saturday, 3/21
        3. Curb Appeal Contest – March through May
        4. General Meeting – Thursday, 4/16
        5. Annual Picnic – Sunday, 4/19
        6. Noche de Azul – Sunday, 5/2
          1. Neighborhood potluck dinner in the street
        7. Fall Yard Sale – Saturday, 9/19
        8. Annual Meeting – Wednesday, 10/21
        9. Halloween party parade – Saturday, 10/31
        10. Rooftop Santa – Wednesday, 12/23
      2. Fundraising: 501c3 process report
        1. Apply to be a registered non-profit corporation with the Arizona Corporation Commission (approx. $40); numerous forms plus a draft of the articles of incorporation, with IRS suggested language
        2. File IRS form 1023-EZ to apply for recognition of exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (if PHNA meets a number of requirements, namely that we do not expect to have income exceeding $50,000 in any of the next 3 years. (User fee to submit form $400)
    3. Neighborhood Relations committee – no update
  1. Next meeting: 6:30 at Ned's house (4270 E. Holmes) on 2/10
PHNA Communications Committee Meeting
December 15, 2015
1.      Call to order: Bree Richmond called to order the regular meeting of the PHNA Communications Committee at 5:30 pm on December 15, 2015 at Bree Richmond’s home.
a.       In attendance: Bree Richmond, Neil Scott, Donald Ijams, Priscilla Teran, Patty Martin and Madeline DeBlois.
2.      New business
a.       Introductions
b.      Bree Richmond was formally elected chairperson of the PHNA Communications Committee
c.       The committee description was reviewed and amended
d.      Committee members signed up for specific tasks
e.       Digital vs. print communication was addressed
3.      Adjournment: Bree Richmond adjourned the meeting at 6:30 pm.
Minutes submitted by:  Bree Richmond
PHNA Board Meeting
Monday, December 1, 2014

Attendance: Neil Scott Bree Richmond Patty Martin Mariano Rodriguez Andrea Rodriguez Roland L. Vetter Ned Bloomfield Priscilla Teran Susan Kaleita Gigi Brown Guests: Kristine Hall (CODAC) Ann Chanecka (City of Tucson Dept. of Transportation)

Meeting called to order at 6:45 PM

Treasurer’s report - Susan $26 was earned from the Halloween event after reimbursing people for expenses Committees Talk about committees and sign up A motion was passed to have 3 committees instead of 4:
  • Park improvements (includes neighborhood relations)
  • Communications
  • Event/Fundraising
A statement from each committee is due by January 2015.

CODAC Behavior Services Kristine Hall-260-2771 / Here to build a relationship with the neighborhood. They do neighborhood clean ups, murals in neighborhoods. Concerns from board members: Request for CODAC to consider closing at 5pm. More crime over the past two months Onslaught of cars checked if unlocked Crimes of opportunity

City of Tucson Department of Transportation Ann Chanecka - 520-837-6691/ Her role is to improve safety for people who walk, use a bike and use public transit. She is working on Neighborhood Walkability Assessments. Pedestrian Advisory Committee - looks for ways to improve walkability Speed hump on Irving Circle before 3rd St will be added soon.

Board Discussions: In light of the fact that 3rd St is part of the designated bicycle blvd, heavy bicycle traffic is being experienced. Lighting should be a priority. Installing a sidewalk on at least one side of street may increase pedestrian safety. There was a recommendation is to write a letter to Councilman Kozachik or Darryl Cole asking for street lighting, sidewalks, street improvements. 

Susan - will send a Google poll to set up next month’s meeting Ned B- Reminded everyone of the Peter Howell tax credit for the end of the year Mariano - looking at wifi lights for the neighborhood. Looking at prices then will communicate it to the neighborhood for everyone that is interested in buying.

General meeting- tentative date 22nd of April 2015 Picnic - tentative date 26th of April 2015

The meeting was adjourned at 8:27 PM

November 10, 2014 PHNA Board Meeting The meeting was called to order at 6:50 PM by President Neil Scott. Board Members Present: Neil Scott Mariano Rodriguez Andrea Rodriguez Susan Kaleita Bree Richmond Gigi Brown Priscilla Teran Excused Roland Lavetter, Ned Bloomfield, Patricia Martin Elections of officers were held by ballot. PHNA Officers for 2014-2015 are:
  • President - Neil Scott
  • Vice President - Mariano Rodriguez
  • Secretary - Priscilla Teran 
  • Treasurer - Susan Kaleita 
A discussion of standing and ad hoc committees followed. The board has approved four standing committees be established to better serve the needs of neighborhood improvement and quality of life. The four committees are communications, events, fund raising and neighborhood relations. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 and next meeting scheduled for 1 December.  ________________________________________________________________________________ PHNA Annual Meeting - October 15, 2014 - La Quinta Meeting Room - 6:30 - 8:30 PM
  • Call To Order - 41 in attendance
  • Admin Remarks - Neil Scott, President
    • Note from Jaye Alexander, Peter Howell School Principal
  • Remarks From Floor
    • Police Officer Report
    • Neighborhood flooding - drain blocked, claim filed - Gigi Brown
  • Treasurers Report - Neil Scott
    • As of 10/15/14, Checking: $168.08, Savings: $1,850.36
  • Historic Designation - Jennifer M Levstik, M.A.,
    Preservation Lead Planner, Tucson Historic Preservation Office
  • Tucson Five Year HUD Development Plan - Teresa Williams,
    Housng & Community Development Deputy Director
  • PHNA Board Members Elected by acclamation for 2014/2015
    • Ned (Nathaniel) Bloomfield MD 
    • Gigi Brown 
    • Susan Kaleita 
    • Roland Lavetter 
    • Patricia Martin 
    • Bree Richmond 
    • Andrea Rodriquez 
    • Mariano Rodriguez 
    • Neil Scott 
    • Priscilla Teran 
  • Neighborhood Initiatives - Andrea Rodriguez
    • Survey results: Park upgrades including a ramada, bulletin kiosk, expanded play set, expanded ADA access, etc.
    •, optional means of communication
    • Upcoming PHNA activities
      • Pumpkin Patch Party October 19
      • Halloween Costume Parade October 31
  • 501C3 Status being sought - Neil Scott
  • Neighborhood Safety - Mariano Rodriguez
  • Proposed Standing and Ad Hoc Committees
A board meeting, to elect officers and establish committees, will be held on November 3, 2014, 6:30 PM at Peter Howell School in Room 10.  DSI

PHNA Board Meeting 15 July 2014
  • The meeting was called to order at 6:30PM by President Neil Scott.  In attendance were board members Mariano Rodriguez, Andrea Rodriguez, Gigi Brown, Ned Bloomfield, Roland Lavetter, Will Smalzer was absent.  
  • No Treasurer’s report was given
  • A search for someone to be Secretary will continue.
  • Ned Bloomfield provided a copy of the letter he had sent to the Department of Transportation.
  • Andrea Rodriguez passed out and presented a proposal for neighborhood improvements.  These are relevant to the neighborhood.  Items discussed from this presentation are:  Street lighting, Park improvements, neighborhood branding and re-naming, newsletter, possible use of alternate website for neighborhood use. 
  • The use of utilizing the free services of for our neighborhood was discussed.  There are some issues that need to be resolved before fully endorsing this service to the neighborhood.
  • The newsletter discussion was opened and some ideas as to how to fund this mailing were discussed.  Ideas such as voluntary yearly dues for both residential and commercial business. 
  • A pros and cons discussion based on the proposed scope of neighborhood improvements was initiated by Roland Lavetter.
  • Gigi Brown stated the positive side of adding street lighting to the north of 5th section of the neighborhood.
Meeting was called to close at 7:51
_________________________________________________________________________________ PHNA Annual Picnic, Sunday April 6
The PHNA Annual Picnic, Sunday April 6, was a great success for our community. We proved that we are one of the best neighborhoods to live in. We set our record attendance with approximately 150 people including the kids. Bravo
Thank you Neighbor! You came, brought food and drinks to share, and provided wonderful conversation and an atmosphere of merriment. We look forward to next year with an even greater number of neighbors and ideas. Earlier and better planning next year on an even larger scale is possible when incorporating your comments and suggestions.
Thank you to our business sponsors because without them we would not have been able to provide tasty samples, music, jumping castle and extra tables with chairs. Old Pueblo Grill provided us with delicious Hatch Macaroni and Cheese, chips and salsa.  Babylon Market shared their great falafels and tasty desserts. La Quinta Inn & Suites Reid Park, Alvernon Optical, and BDD House of Window Coverings donated money for tables, chairs and a jumping castle for our kids. What kind of party would it have been without music? Metro Gnome Music & Cycle provided the sound system.  We met great principals from Faith Lutheran School and Christ Church United Methodist Preschool & Parent’s Day Out. And a special thanks to all the neighborhood vendors who participated: Mrs. Sew n' Soap, ‘mar designs’, Res-Com Plumbing, Ahimsa Landscaping, and Kevin’s Dog's Accessories. We would love to encourage you to visit all mentioned businesses and support them as they did us. They are playing a big part in our future plans and we need them as they need us.
The displayed 3D models of our future neighborhood 5 year plan were a hit.  They showed a neighborhood where everyone feels welcome, safe and proud to be a member of our community. For those who didn't have the opportunity to come, the plan will be posted on our website.  We collected signatures supporting the improvements and will continue to do so. When you see one of our board members walking the neighborhood, please open your door to hear about our exciting ideas. We need your support, encouragement and comments.
We invite you to participate in all/any upcoming events: our website, our upcoming quarterly newsletter or just to say "Hi and how are you?" to your neighbors while walking or playing in our Peter Howell Neighborhood. There is power when we show unity as a community.

Spring PHNA Meeting / Monday March 10, 2014 / 7:00 - 8:30 PM / Peter Howell School Cafeteria The PHNA board was introduced by President Neil Scott: Vice Pres. Mariano Rodriquez, Ned Bloomfield, Nancy Huff, Roland Lavetter and Will Smalzer. Twenty neighbors signed in to the meeting. Neighborhood Updates: Tucson Police Sgt Robert Carpenter, who was wounded during an in progress burglary November 18, 2012, is doing well and continues his recovery. The suspected shooter, Richard Mendoza, was acquitted of aggravated assault but was found guilty on other charges and has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. Coyotes: They remain a regular part of the neighborhood. Remember to not leave food outside unattended and that banging pots and pans will usually drive coyotes off. Crime: PHNA will address crime at the fall meeting but discussions and prevention efforts are ongoing. Andrea Kennedy asked about the stolen bicycle trailer: to my knowledge it has not been recovered. I suggest that we use the blog to make neighbors more aware of crime and suspicious activity in the neighborhood. I am looking to determine the level of criminal activity you desire for notification e-mails. The use of and PHNAblogspot were highlighted. The use of a phone tree was presented for emergency alerts. Those interested are to contact any member of the board. Welcome Guests- Councilman Kozachik, Council Aid Amy Stabler; Jackie Rodriguez Sales Director La Quinta Inn & Suites; Alex Ganz PHNA; Mike Wintrode Tucson Fire Fighters; Ken Smalley Treasurers Report: Total PHNA balance in commercial accounts: $1,817.20 /$125 general fund Peter Howell Principal Dave Overstreet sent his regrets due to illness.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Presentions Steve Kozachik Amy Stabler Steve reported that the recommended Tucson City budget is expected to be released on or before the March 19, 2014 Mayor and Council Study Session. The Regional Transportation Authority continues to apply the $100M bond authorization to transportation projects that have been prioritized, including road repairs. A citizens committee is advising on the use of $3M per year budgeted to address residential street repair. The long term situation for road maintenance remains unanswered. Mike Wintrode, of the Tucson Fire Department, gave a presentation and handouts on what Tucson Fire does, how its personnel are deployed and how Tucson Fire compares with other fire departments nation wide. Jackie Rodriguez is Sales Director of the La Quinta Inn &Suites Tucson - Reid Park, 102 N. Alvernon Way. The Inn is now open for business and is offering 152 fully renovated guestrooms and a lobby bar that is to open soon. La Quinta is exploring whether they can offer a discount to Peter Howell residents. Alex Ganz, who lives on the corner of Longfellow and Whitman, is concerned about speeders on Longfellow and related community safety. He has been looking into traffic control options and asked for background and assistance from meeting attendees. Coach Ken Smalley told us of Peter Howell students who have been practicing ping pong and want to chanllenge neighborhood teams during their Tuesday and Thursday 3PM sessions. Contact Coach Smalley through the school for the Ping Pong Challenge or to arrange to play ping pong late Thursday afternoons after the kids are done. The Peter Howell Neighborhood Picnic is planned for Sunday April 6, 2014 at Alvernon Park from 1-4 PM. This is a pot luck where neighbors bring food and drink to share, some chairs and expect to have a good time. Volunteers are needed to help with set up, a registration desk and clean up. Please contact Neil at The PHNA Annual Meeting will be held during the third week of October 2014. Notes by Neil Scott and Don Ijams

February 18, 2014 PHNA Board Meeting The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Neil Scott.  In attendance were board members Rodriguez, Bloomfield, Huff, Lavetter, and Smalzer.   Scott Duerstock’s resignation from the board was announced followed by a discussion of board make up and expectations. Agenda for the General Meeting 10 March was discussed, requesting a presentation from Tucson police department (TPD) will be scheduled for the October meeting.   Spring Picnic 6 April 2014 will be held at Alvernon Park with core hours of 1PM to 4PM. A request will be going out asking for help with the planning and logistics in support of the event.  Items needed include 5 gallon water or drink jugs, napkins, plastic ware, paper plates etc.  Design of neighborhood flyer supporting efforts to increase communication opportunities, sign up for the blog, add names to e-mail notification list. The cost of sending a mailer to all addresses was discussed, mailing or hand delivery methods were presented.  This will be a neighborhood project as the cost of postage is more than the funds in our general fund account.  Next Meeting: General Meeting on 10 March

January 15, 2014 Transitions:
  • Gary Stone's December 29, 2013 resignation from the Board was noted
  • Nancy Huff and Roland Lavetter were appointed to the Board

December 17, 2013 PHNA Board Meeting The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by vice president Mariano Rodriquez. In attendance were board members Rodriguez, Bloomfield, Scott, Smalzer; Duerstock and Stone were absent. Nancy Huff and Don Ijams were observers. As a quorum was present, the meeting continued. The first order of business was to hold the election of officers as required by PHNA by-laws. Gary Stone and Neil Scott were put before the board and Neil Scott was elected the new president for 2013-2014 by a 4-0 vote. Mariano Rodriquez ran unopposed for Vice President. A motion was then put before the board and accepted to fill the treasurer and secretary positions on an interim basis allowing time for community members to volunteer for the board. The following save the dates were established for planning purposes: - General Spring Meeting will be March 19 or 20, 2014 at 7PM at Peter Howell School - Spring Picnic will be held Saturday April 5, 2014 at Alvernon Park - General Fall meeting will be on Wednesday October 15, 2014 at 7PM at Peter Howell pending approval of new principal. - The PHNA Board will meet on January 15 at 7PM at Peter Howell. Short discussions were held on our blog site, g-mail account, mailing lists, budget audit and community involvement opportunities. Notes by Neil Scott

November 20, 2013 PHNA Annual Meeting - 7 PM - Peter Howell School Library
The treasurer’s report was submitted to President Gary Stone minutes before the meeting, but was not presented to the neighbors in attendance because Treasurer Neil Scott not only wanted to give a report, but requested a vote before the PHNA membership to change the way the accounts are handled. Gary Stone said this information should have been in the PHNA annual newsletter, to give the board of directors and the membership more time for consideration. 
The President started the meeting by introducing Peter Howell Elementary Principal Dave Overstreet. Dave announced he would be retiring in June with over 30 years with Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). He asked the community to support the search for a new principal and to get involved in the process. He hopes Peter Howell Elementary will remain the cornerstone and anchor for community uses and events after his leaving. Future highlight for the school is that Peter Howell has been selected to receive a solar electric system. Construction should be done by the start of the 2014-2015 schoolyear. He reminded the audience to get their postmarked tax credit in by December 31 and to join and the faculty and him on the 2nd Monday of each month for Curbside Café. Ward Six City Councilman Steve Kozachik Tucson is on the verge of significant budget issues with new obligations coming on line coupled with a six million dollar and growing annual pension pay out.   Consideration must be given to the street car operation and maintenance (O&M) budget, city employee pay increases, deferred maintenance. Steve is supporting two ways to mitigate some of the costs by bringing the film industry back to Tucson and to increase commerce with Mexico. Tucson’s first responders will soon be able to operate on the same radio frequency. A contract has been signed. Further information can be found on the City of Tucson web page. Tucson is in best and final contract negotiations for the management of Tucson’s municipal golf courses. All golf courses will fall under a single enterprise fund contract. Enterprise fund means the golf courses should pay for themselves.
Midge Irwin, Superintendent for Tucson Parks & Recreation spoke about Alvernon Park. Since June of 2013, her department has worked to improve the condition of the grass with aeration of the ground, fertilizer, installing many new sprinkler heads, and twice weekly mowing (budget limitations could interfere with this). Also, from June to November every dead tree has been removed, and almost every existing tree in the park has been trimmed. Currently several improvement projects are under consideration for the park. She reminded us that any new equipment or additions to the park must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
If you encounter standing water on the basketball court, you are requested to call Parks and Rec immediately and report the situation. The surface covering is not designed to be submerged. Darlene Schott from Community Gardens of Tucson presented opportunities for our members to get involved with community gardens. The group has been active for over 23 years and is an established 501C3 organization. Darlene laid out suggestions for how to get started with another community garden stressing early involvement of city officials and departments. Community Gardens of Tucson currently has 29 garden areas. They have successfully applied for major grants in the last four years. Participants pay $18/mo for an 18x25 foot garden and meet as a group once a month  It cost about $10,000 to start a garden, that includes soil, tools, fencing, and a storage building, among other things. At this time, their organization does not have the funding to begin a garden right now. Currently, the garden in Highland Vista Park (north of the Target store on Broadway Blvd., near Rosemont Blvd.) is the closest to Peter Howell. . Currently, Hyland Vista is the closest garden to Peter Howell. Further information may be found at General meeting items consisted of Ken Smalley looking for greater utilization of the schools ping pong tables and a discussion of graffiti abatement including a reminder that clean up on private property is the home owner’s or business’ responsibility. The city will aid in the clean up or cover up under specific circumstances. Final business of the evening was to elect by acclamation Ned Bloomfield, Scott Duerstock, Mariano Rodriquez, Neil Scott, Will Smalzer and Gary Stone as PHNA board members for 2013-2014. Election of board officers will be within next 30 days.
Notes by Neil Scott

June 22, 2013 At 11:00am Saturday, June 22, 2013 there was a Special Meeting of the Peter Howell Neighborhood Association (PHNA) Board of Directors at Chase Bank located at 4711 E. Speedway Boulevard. Board Members present were Mariano Rodriguez, Neil Scott, Roland LaVetter, Matei Tarail, Scott Duerstock, Gary Stone. The purpose of the meeting was for the Board to sign before a Notary Public, the following:                                    S T A T E M E N T   OF   A P P R O V A L The Board of Directors of the Peter Howell Neighborhood Association approve of and support bringing "reclaimed water" to: Peter Howell Elementary School at 401 N. Irving Avenue; Alvernon Park located within 3rd Street and 4th Street, Montezuma Avenue and Longfellow Avenue; along with Rincon High School and University High School, 421 N. Arcadia Avenue. Peter Howell Neighborhood is between Speedway Boulevard and Broadway Boulevard, Alvernon Way and Columbus Boulevard. All of these locations are in Tucson, Arizona. Signed by President Gary Stone, Vice President Mariano Rodriguez, Treasurer Neil Scott, Roland LaVetter, Matei Tarail, Scott Duerstock.                                           BY - LAWS AMENDMENT OF THE                                         PETER HOWELL NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION The amendment or change to the By-Laws of the Peter Howell Neighborhood Association (PHNA) was approved October 10, 2012 at the Annual Meeting in Tucson, Arizona. Part of the statement of purpose of this Annual Meeting was to amend the PHNA By-Laws. Article 4, Section 4.1 of the By-Laws say (in part): "The annual meeting of the Association membership shall be held on the third Wednesday in September of each year…" Proposal: change the word September to October. That way there will not be a yearly conflict with holidays. President Chris Brooks made a motion, and asked the 47 people in attendance to raise their hands if they wanted the change. He then determined that there was much more than the 2/3rds approval needed of the people present at the meeting. The motion for the change of the By-Laws passed. Now, "The annual meeting of the Association membership shall be on the third Wednesday in October of each year…" The above amendment to the By-Laws is adopted by resolution on June 22, 2013. Signed by President Gary Stone, Vice-President Mariano Rodriguez, Treasurer Neil Scott. The meeting was over around 12:30pm. Notes by Gary Stone.

May 24 - June 3, 2013 From Friday May 24, 2013 to Monday June 3, 2013 there was a Special (Online) Meeting of the Peter Howell Neighborhood Association (PHNA) Board of Directors.

May 24, 2013 Because Faith Lutheran Church is no longer fulfilling its duties to maintain the park in our area, it is now available to be adopted. We need 5 people to clean the park one or two times a year. We already do more than that now. To respond in a timely way, we can have a vote by e-mail... consider this a Special (Board) Meeting of the Peter Howell Neighborhood Association (PHNA). Should the PHNA be a Tucson Clean & Beautiful "Adopt-A-Park" group for Alvernon Park? Please let us know where you stand. Gary Stone P.S. For more info see

May 27, 2013 I think that it makes sense for the PHNA to take responsibility if the church no longer wishes to care for the park. Scott Duerstock

May 28, 2013 Board, Ok I will start the discussion. Has Faith Lutheran officially requested to opt out? A point of information the mess that was left in the park was from students and teachers (adults) from one of the schools west of Alvernon and not Faith Lutheran. Neil Scott

May 28, 2013 I guess my vote would be against PHNA adopting the park. Board members are donating/volunteering their time for the benefit of the neighborhood. But once PHNA adopts the park board members also become responsible for intermittent park cleanings as well. While I respect the work that Gary and others do to keep the park clean, I don't think maintenance/cleaning of the park should be a PHNA obligation. Matei Tarail

May 28, 2013 My vote would be no also. It is hard enough to find board volunteers as it is. Then to tell a potential board member that on top of things we already do, they will now be responsible for the park also will be too much. I know that my life right now is too full to add that job. Marta Buchanan

May 28, 2013 Here is an update... today, I spoke with Pastor Mavis of Faith Lutheran Church. For a long time, the teachers and staff of the church school took care of the park... recently, that has not been easy for them to do... so, they are willing to let the Peter Howell Neighborhood Association (PHNA) "adopt" the park... they will, however, continue to clean the park when they can. Also, I spoke with Jean Hickman of Tucson Clean & Beautiful. She only needs one contact person from the PHNA... that can be me... it's ok if any Board Member does not want to be part of this... there are already 4 people who regularly clean the park. It takes me an hour or less to do it... if need be, I can find more people... Now, this is the question... Should the PHNA (except for the President, Board Members are not required to participate) be a Tucson Clean & Beautiful "Adopt-A-Park" group? Please e-mail your response. Gary Stone

May 28, 2013 I would opt the PHNA out of this one as well.  With more usage now that school has begun I don’t think many of us have that much time. If it would be the entire neighborhood responsibility it would be a different story. Mariano Rodriguez

May 28, 2013 My vote is still no. Gary if you want to do it on your own, that is fine. But I don't think it is something PHNA should do because it will still be the boards responsiblity even if other people say they will do it. Marta Buchanan

May 29, 2013 I will vote no but will continue to pick up trash at the park as a casual user of the park, I am willing to volunteer if we have a park clean up day or group event. Neil Scott

May 29, 2013 No for me too but will pick up as I go when using the park. Mariano Rodriguez

June 2, 2013 PHNA, On the adoption of Alvernon Park it seems the proposal is closed and the neighborhood association should not be adopting the park. Discussion and voting has been going on for two weeks. This being a virtual meeting I would suggest we adopt some rules on how long we have to answer a question. Is it a fair assumption that those that have not commented be counted as a negative or do we rule that they just did not attend so minutes to be posted would indicate we had a quoram but the measure failed to pass. As a matter of general interest last Thursday just before dusk I decided to pick up the park to ascertain what effort could be expected if we did take on the responsibility. I believe neighbors pick up the park most Thursdays earlier in the day. When I arrived the park was in good condition. I picked up plastic forks spoons and knives, 3 paper plates, 4 dog piles, napkins and enough paper and small trash to fill a shopping bag. Time for one person to clean the park is approximately 45 minutes. My point is there is a big difference between a casual pick up as you see trash and the effort to clean the park. Neil Scott

June 3, 2013 As a reminder, it took us 7 days to make an online decision about the picnic. With the park, it was 10 days. For the question, "Should the PHNA (except for the President, Board Members are not required to participate) be a Tucson Clean & Beautiful "Adopt-A-Park" group?"... Matei Tarail, no Marta Buchanan, no Mariano Rodriguez, no Roland LaVetter, no Gary Stone, yes Scott Duerstock: yes Neil Scott, yes The no votes have it 4 to 3. The Peter Howell Neighborhood Association will not "adopt" Alvernon Park. Gary Stone Notes in chronological order (first to last) by Gary Stone.

March 23, 2013 The Peter Howell Neighborhood Association had its annual Potluck Picnic in Alvernon Park from 11am to 3:30pm. At least 50 people were there including Gary Stone, Neil Scott and Karol Scott, Marta Buchanan and Jim Buchanan, Roland LaVetter and Beverly LaVetter, Matei Tarail and Amy Ihrke, Scott Duerstock and his son. Also, Tonya Jones was there with her two boys… she thought up the idea of "eat to meet and meat to eat." Former PHNA President Bill Hoffman came by. Stella Baza was there with her son as well. Folks had fun talking and grilling, playing basketball, and tag. This year we had a unique treat: Sport Fishing Educator Joe Fagan along with Mary Welch, who are both PHNA neighbors, showed us how to fish for bass. They even allowed people to use actual spinning rods with plastic plugs, and taught them how to cast toward plastic fish… there were smiles all around. A few days after the event, a box full of donated cans of food were delivered to the Community Food Bank. Notes by Gary Stone.

March 7, 2013 The Peter Howell Neighborhood Association had its Spring Meeting in the cafeteria of Peter Howell Elementary School. Board Members present were Mariano Rodriguez, Neil Scott, Marta Buchanan, Scott Duerstock, Matei Tarail, Gary Stone. Absent was Roland LaVetter. The meeting began about 7:05pm. There were 41 people in attendance. Bruce Wheeler, Arizona State Representative, was unable to attend. In a 5:05pm 3/7/13 e-mail message, Ross Andrews, Assistant to Representative Wheeler, said Representative Wheeler sends his apologies. Things are running quite long up here, and as a member of the leadership team, he feels like he needs to stay for the remainder of floor and caucus action. My apologies too. I really underestimated how long "floor" would take. There are some contentious bills that have inspired quite a bit of discussion. David Overstreet, Principal of Peter Howell School could not be there due to illness. However, Katie Hughes, of the University of Arizona School of Natural Resources and the Environment, talked about urban wildlife, especially coyotes. She said that coyotes are very adaptable. When there is a new source of food, like the rabbits in our neighborhood, they find it quickly. Also, they are attracted to yards with fruit trees where the fruit has fallen to the ground. They will eat pet food, eat from garbage cans, as well as cats and dogs if left alone. Coyotes may even think of big barking dogs as a threat to their territory, and get aggressive. They can trick unleashed dogs away from their homes and owners in order to attack them, sometimes even small dogs on retractable leashes. Also, if coyotes come to a house it's probably because they find water like a swimming pool or a pet's water bowl, something to eat like pets without humans around, birds, rodents, fruit on the ground, shelter such as under a shed or vacant building, a storm drain. What can we do? Make alot of noise, yell, bang pots and pans, for instance. And, wave your hands or sticks or brooms. Throw small rocks or cans. Spray the coyote with water from a hose. For coyotes who don't leave, spray Mace. For coyotes who still hang around after doing what's described above, continue what you were doing and more so. Maintain eye contact. Go toward other people or a building or where there is activity. You can also call the Arizona Game and Fish Department at 628-5376... they are open 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday (except holidays). Coyotes will continue to return to the same area if what attracts them is still there. They can be trapped and removed, but other coyotes will just take their place. There are coyotes not just in the Peter Howell neighborhood, but all over Tucson. Ways to prevent coyotes from creating more problems than necessary include taking away anything that could attract them such as garbage... secure garbage cans, and remove odors by cleaning them with 10% chlorine bleach and 90% water. Compost piles should tended to regularly. Also, take away pet food, water sources (if possible), in addition to bird feeders that bring birds and rodents. Also, do not feed coyotes. Give food to pets inside the house, and don't leave them alone. When walking with pets use a leash. And, daily walking routes should be changed in time and place so that coyotes do not get used to it. Giving pets exercise in the middle of the day is better than early morning or late evening, because that is when coyotes are sometimes most active. Since coyotes can jump over a six foot wall or fence, there is a product called a "Coyote Roller." This can be installed on top of a fence or wall. When a coyote or other predator tries to leap over they have to grab hold of the uppermost part of the wall or fence, but with the roller this cannot happen... the roller will spin, and the coyote will slide off. In our neighborhood, we also need to watch out for birds of prey like Cooper's Hawks, Harris Hawks, Peregrine Falcons, because they can fly into a yard and take small animals including dogs. The next speaker was Amanda Stone (not related to PHNA President Gary Stone) with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). She is the head of the ADEQ Southern Regional Office in Tucson. Amanda Stone talked in regard to the gasoline leaks and clean-up of the former Quick Gas Mart located at the southeast corner of Alvernon Way and 5th Street. She left many copies of a detailed Fact Sheet, and discussed key points (underlined) with us. The following is everything that was on this information sheet: Facility ID 0-006246 LUST (Leaking Underground Storage Tank) #9848.02-.04 Quick Gas Mart 550 North Alvernon Way Tucson, Arizona 85711 UST (Underground Storage Tank) History at the Facility 1.   The property was originally developed in the early 1950s as a gas station. 2.   Three USTs were removed from the facility in August 1989. The installation date for these USTs is unknown. 3.   There was one release reported with that removal event. ADEQ assigned the LUST Case File 0848.01 to that release.       Two tons of contaminated soil was excavated and that LUST file was subsequently closed. 4.   Three 12,000 gallon fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks were installed in 1991. 5.   The property was utilized as a car rental and self serve gas station through the late 1980s through the 2000s. 6.   Laxmi Gas, the current owner and operator, has owned the property since April 2007. Current History relating to UST releases 0848.02 through 0848.04 1.   The business is currently named Quick Gas Mart, owned and operated by Laxmi Gas Inc. (owner Nick Patel). 2.   In April 2010, inventory records indicated a suspected loss of approximately 800 gallons of gasoline from the UST system. The owner of the gas station suspected theft and stopped selling gas on May 4, 2010. 3.   On June 7, 2011, the gas station re-opened. ADEQ performed a number of inspections due to the tanks failing regularly scheduled integrity testing. 4.   In July 2011, the owner hired a contractor to perform re-lining on USTs #2 and #3. All product in the USTs was removed, the USTs were cleaned and workers performed confined space entry into each of the tanks, and relined both of them. 5.   On July 27, 2011, the ADEQ inspector reported a confirmed release because of observing gasoline in the backfill material beneath cracks of UST #1. The LUST case file for this release is 0848.02. 6.   ADEQ issued a letter to the owner of the USTs on August 3, 2011 requiring a site investigation. 7.   On October 3, 2011, the owner abandoned UST # 1 in place by filling it with a cement sand slurry. The work was overseen by an ADEQ Inspector and the City of Tucson Fire Inspector. 8.   On October 4, site investigation work commenced. Soil borings B - 1 and B - 2 were drilled down to 120 feet and 130 feet, respectively. Soil samples were collected every 10 feet, starting at 20 feet below ground surface (below the depth of the bottom of the UST basin). These soil samples were chemically analyzed for gasoine constituents. 9.   Due to the chemical analysis results from the soil sample collected on October 4, 2011, ADEQ assigned two new releases to the facility on November 8, 2011. These are LUST Case Files 0848.03 and 0848.04. 10. ADEQ issued a letter to the owner of the USTs on November 8, 2011 requiring a site investigation for these new releases. 11. Also, ADEQ issued a letter requesting a Corrective Action Plan for LUST Case File 0848.02 on November 8, 2011. 12. ADEQ issued a letter requesting a Corrective Action Plan for LUST Case Files 0848.03 and .04 on December 30, 2011. 13. On December 20, 2011, the owner's consultant (Oracle Engineering) met with ADEQ to discuss the results from October 4, to gain guidance from ADEQ on what the expectations were for moving forward, and discuss locations for additional soil borings. 14. Between April 9 through 25, 2012, four additional soil boring (drilled with a drill rig more suitable to reach greater depths than 130 feet below ground surface) were drilled and sampled. The samples were sent to the laboratory to be           chemically analyzed. 15. On June 8, 2012, ADEQ received a Site Characterization Report from the Owner for all three LUST case files. 16. On July 26, 2012, ADEQ received a Corrective Action Plan from the Owner to address the contamination for all three LUST case files. 17. ADEQ approved the Site Characterization Report on August 10, 2012. None of the contamination affected groundwater. These releases were demonstrated to have only affected the soils at the facilty. 18. In some areas, the gasoline contamination reached a depth of 225 feet below ground surface. The highest benzene concentration, 400 mg/kg (cleanup level is 0.65 mg/kg) was detected at 50 feet below ground surface. 19. ADEQ gave preliminary approval for the Corrective Action Plan on September 4, 2012. ADEQ provided an opportunity        for public comments regarding the CAP between the dates of September 4 through October 3, 2012. No public comments were received and ADEQ issued Final CAP Approval on October 22, 2012. 20. The approved remedial method is soil vapor extraction. Soil vapor extraction is a proven effective remedial technology in the types of soils, mainly sands, found at this location. 21. After ADEQ approval of the Corrective Action Plan, the owner began installing the approved remedial system. 22. The SVE remedial system was installed within three months of CAP approval and started operations on January 22, 2013. 23. The remedial system is subject to an ADEQ air permit. This means if the exhaust from the SVE remedial system does not meet specific thresholds, the problem must be fixed or shut down must occur until a remedy can be found. 24. Based on laboratory analytical results taken during start-up operations, the SVE remedial system is achieving 100% destruction efficiency. This means that the exhaust from the system has non-detectable levels of the gasoline            constituents benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes. SUMMARY REMARKS The owner has been proactive in addressing the contamination at his facility. LUST Case File 0848.02 was reported to ADEQ on July 27, 2011. The Owner was required to submit a Site Characterization Report and a Corrective Action Plan on certain dates, both reports were submitted before their deadlines. Remediation at the site began less than 1 and 1/2 years after the releases were reported. The average time to implement a Final Remedy for soil contamination from a UST in AZ is over 3 years. Amanda Stone (ADEQ) added, the Soil Vapor Extraction equipment will probably run for 1 - 2 years, however, the average time is 4.3 years. Then, Gary Stone spoke about how helpful forming Neighborhood Watch groups can be in reducing crime. Residents and business owners are in our area more often than police. As a result, in many instances, people who live and work here can see more and do more. After this, PHNA business owner Todd Crawford of Metro Gnome Music (4044 E. Speedway Blvd.) told us about the 2nd annual Gnome Fest on Sunday March 23rd from 11:30am to 7:00pm. This year, in addition to having live music with great local bands like the Genevieve and the Lps, the Bad News Bears, and Ronstadt Generations, along with food trucks, they will be attempting to set a record for the largest gathering of people dressed as garden gnomes. The meeting ended around 9:20pm. Notes by Gary Stone.

February 20, 2013 At 7:02pm on a snowy Wednesday evening February 20, 2013 the Peter Howell Neighborhood Association (PHNA) had a Board Meeting in the library of Peter Howell Elementary School. Board Members present were Matei Tarail, Roland LaVetter, Marta Buchanan, Neil Scott, Mariano Rodriguez, Gary Stone. Excused absence was Scott Duerstock who e-mailed early morning that he had another Board Meeting at this time. Old Business: Roland LaVetter brought a trophy to the meeting. He said, "I heard one small trophy is given out." The trophy was around two feet high. There was a lot of laughter. Gary Stone responded, "Yes, for the winner of the Best Salsa Tasting Contest" (at the annual Potuck Picnic). Gary Stone said that I think we have exhausted the discussion of "traffic circles," have we? Marta Buchanan said, "Yes." Roland LaVetter mentioned that near Salpointe High School, where they've had many automobile problems, they have "traffic circles," and also islands (chicanes) that stick out, so that you have to stop and work around it… and it does stop traffic, and still looks good. Also, I'm guessing wherever you couldn't put a traffic circle that's what they did. That's another alternative… I don't know if anyone has looked at or not. Gary Stone said, that if he remembers correctly, in looking at the 2005 -2006 online PHNA neighborhood commentary about "traffic circles" that islands (chicanes or bump-outs) were for aesthetics or for safety. Roland LaVetter said that for me, until you get "traffic circles" or islands (bump-outs) done, you put up "stop signs" to slow down traffic… if it's really a safety issue. Gary Stone added "traffic circles" or islands (bump-outs) are for safety… to slow traffic. Roland LaVetter continued, "stop signs" could be the answer to speeding on 2nd Street, between Columbus (Blvd.) and Alvernon (Way). Gary Stone responded that Scott Duerstock, who lives on 2nd Street… in an earlier e-mail,  said that "stop signs" were discussed by the people who live on 2nd Street, and they don't want them. Mariano Rodriguez was asked by Gary Stone if there was a change in the idea of requesting the Tucson Department of Transportation put "25 Mile Per Hour" signs to slow down traffic on 3rd Street. Mariano Rodriguez said that it hasn't been a problem lately, but if it becomes a problem again he will do something. As far as coyotes, Gary Stone talked about trying to get a speaker for the upcoming March 7th PHNA Spring Meeting who is an expert with coyotes. He said he first tried (Arizona) Game & Fish… their person is busy. But she recommended the Pima County Natural Resources Department… Gary Stone mentioned that he spoke with someone from that department in the last two days… and we can hopefully get someone who knows urban wildlife, especially coyotes. This would be in addition to (Arizona) State Representative Bruce Wheeler, who will be our main speaker. Also, Gary Stone said that he asked Dave Overstreet, the Principal (of Peter Howell  Elementary) a month early… and, he'll try to get some other folks too. For Alvernon Park, Gary Stone said that he spoke with Midge Irwin, the Superintendent of this park (along with many other parks). He stated that he talked with her several times over the years. He asked her about the "basketball court lights." And, first she inquired, "Is there a problem between 10pm and 10:30pm?" "There's no problem," said Gary Stone. Midge Irwin said, "All of the lights, in all of the parks, around the city go off at 10:30pm" (that's when parks officially close). Gary Stone added that the lights in our park go off at 10:37pm. Gary Stone said that he and Midge Irwin went back and forth over the two times (to turn the lights off… 10pm and 10:30pm). He explained to her how this is something the (PHNA) Board wants, and he spoke with almost all of the neighbors around the park… and she (Midge Irwin) was willing to go with the two (different turn-off) times, but she checked with her electrician… and, they can only do one "start time" and one "stop time"… so the lights will continue to go off daily at around 10:30pm. Roland LaVetter said, "Wait a minute… they only have one "start time?" ... he added, if it starts in the summer and goes on at 8am (for example), and in the winter it goes on at 8am, wouldn't there be a problem?... because the sun comes up earlier in the summer, and later in the winter. Neil Scott said they can adjust he timer. Continuing the talk about the City of Tucson Parks & Recreation Department, Gary Stone explained that he and Midge Irwin spoke about other concerns that neighbors who live around the park brought up... for instance, mistletoe in the trees. Midge Irwin said that she already checked into that, and said that even before this conversation, there was a "work order" to remove the mistletoe, not only in Alvernon Park, but for many parks in her district. Also, there's one neighbor who hears alot of cussing... she used the word "profanity," and she was wondering if there's something we can do about that. Roland LaVetter said that there was a person in the Tucson Unified School District that said "language doesn't matter" ... he doesn't believe that's the case at Peter Howell Elementary, but learning about what to say and when to say it oftentimes begins at school. Gary Stone mentioned that he looked online, and saw bumper stickers that said, "No Profanity" ... he's got wood, and he could put up a few signs in the park... he could stencil in "Please... (No Profanity and) "Kids are nearby" in waterproof ink. Midge Irwin then said, "You can't put up any signs in our park!" She said that closest thing we (in Parks & Rec) have to that is "Please Be Courteous." Gary Stone added that she (Midge Irwin) will look into the idea of "No Profanity" signs since it's not going to come out of the City's pocket. Scott Duerstock, in a previous Board Meeting, brought up the idea of a neighborhood "message board." Doing something like this in the park has been talked about for years. New Business: Gary Stone asked Midge Irwin (Superintendent for Tucson Parks and Recreation Department) where could a "message board" be placed? She said it could be just about anywhere as long as it doesn't get wet from irrigation (water sprinklers). Gary Stone said here's an idea that's subject to change... put up an obelisk or something similar. The Washington Monument is an obelisk. The structure goes back thousands of years to Egyptian times where it symbolized a ray of light. He added that if he could get a pre-caste concrete contractor to donate materials, it would be an abstracted form of an obelisk. An obelisk is thinner at the top than it is at the bottom... that's an expensive project. That's a new mold for most concrete contractors. However, if we abstracted from an obelisk, in other words get something very close in size and shape, and made it square with a pyramid on top, that's probably not a big deal... although the small pyramid will most likely have to be fabricated. We could nail redwood strips on it... redwood will stand up to any weather... will last for years and still look good... and, of course, concrete will do the same. Then we could have a "message board." People could put thumbtacks in it, or nail something on it, whatever. Gary Stone then asked (everyone at the meeting), "What do you think?" Mariano Rodriguez said "no." Matei Tarail said that he liked the idea of a "message board"... that's good... even if it's two redwood posts holding something up... but, he thinks it might be inviting graffiti to have "No Profanity" signs around the park... however, having a "message board" with a "No Profanity" sign along with notices for dog walkers, leasing guest houses, and other items of interest would be a good idea. Mariano Rodriguez added that you've got to make it weatherproof. Gary Stone said that concrete is weatherproof. Mariano Rodriguez mentioned that you also need a cover over it... like plexiglass... so notices won't fly away. Gary Stone stated that it doesn't need a covering or plexiglass. "Message boards" at the U of A (University of Arizona) don't have any of that... it's just paper on wood, or paper on corkboard. Marta Buchanan said the sun, after a couple of days will deteriorate the paper. Gary Stone reminded her that people in our neighborhood already put up info for many things on telephone poles... so, there's obviously a need. We could also put up notices for our (PHNA) meetings, our picnic... let folks know there's an architect in our area, so they don't have to look elsewhere... all kinds of things. Matei Tarail said the Bay area (in California) has lots of "message boards" ... you could put a roof over it to get it out of the weather... not completely away from the rain... but, if we wanted to do it, there would be a cost. Gary Stone asked a cost for what?... the idea is not to pay a dime for it... because concrete contractors build these square concrete culverts all the time... they have them pre-caste. They do this not only for culverts, but mechanical systems in buildings... they have them in their yards. If we could get a length of 7 feet to 10 feet, put something on top of it along with some redwood, we have a "message board." Mariano Rodriguez said that if you have 7 feet to 10 feet of this concrete structure above ground, you need about 4 feet to 7 feet below ground, so it won't topple over. Gary Stone said, "ok"... and, by the way, we've got someone to do that for free... Parks & Rec. They said it you get a "message board" we'll put it in... Gary Stone said that although he didn't tell them the size, he did say that it could be concrete and redwood. Marta Buchanan said to come up with a design... even if it's tasteful, you are going to get graffiti on it. Gary Stone responded by saying a coating could be put on it, and if there is any graffiti, it can easily be removed. Marta Buchanan added if you could show us a design, it would help... she said that she's not picturing it yet. Gary Stone said "google" the Washington Monument... that's the idea... it's a classic shape. We talked next about the picnic. Marta Buchanan said, "I thought it was decided that it would be a potluck." There was agreement on that. Gary Stone then asked Matei Tarail if it would be possible for him to have his musician friends play... Matei Tarail said that he would ask them. Notes by Gary Stone.

January 16, 2013 About 7:10pm on Wednesday January 16, 2013 the Peter Howell Neighborhood Association (PHNA) had a Board Meeting in the library of Peter Howell Elementary School. Board Members present were Marta Buchanan, Roland LaVetter, Mariano Rodriguez, Neil Scott, Gary Stone. Absent were Scott Duerstock, Matei Tarail (who e-mailed earlier that he may not be able to attend, because of not feeling well). Old Business: Approving the minutes (or meeting notes) for at least the past 2 years, Gary Stone said, was done online: the minutes would be sent to Board Members, then each person could add to or correct them by giving the paragraph number and line number with the needed change written out. Even after the minutes are posted online, adjustments can be made. This is something that we will continue. "Traffic Circle" money raised in years past was researched by Gary Stone to figure out where the funds came from. It was based on the following: 11/25/2003 Tucson Citizen newspaper article 2/29/2006 online post from Don Ijams (former PHNA President and Board Member) 8/23/2006 and 10/19/2011 e-mails from Clague Van Slyke (former PHNA President and Board Member) What he found is that the approximately $1,700 - $1,800 in our current bank account is money from yard sales or garage sales raised for the purpose of building "traffic circles." Gary Stone said, with that in mind, ideally, the money should be used for a similar transportation project... for instance, "speed humps." However, Scott Duerstock, who worked on the "traffic circle" project, said at the 11/28/12 PHNA Board Meeting that people don't want "speed humps." Marta Buchanan said that because the "traffic circles" will not be built, PHNA should be able to use the money for the good of the neighborhood. Coyotes have now been seen north of 5th Street, said Neil Scott. Mariano Rodriguez has also noticed them... He says they look healthy. Neil Scott added that they've lost a few cats on his street. There is no news to report on removing coyotes from our area, but we will keep trying. Of the 12 houses around Alvernon Park, Gary Stone spoke with 9 residents. They all said that they are ok with the basketball court lights being on, for school nights till 10pm Sunday through Thursday, and non-school nights Friday and Saturday up to 10:30pm. For the most part, people appreciated being asked, and having a say in the matter. Gary Stone added that he needs to speak with the folks in the Tucson Parks and Recreation department to reset their timer, if they can. In connection with 25 Mile Per Hour signs being set on 3rd Street, to slow down traffic, Mariano Rodriguez said that he called the Tucson Department Of Transportation, but did not get a return phone call. After this, the upcoming March 23rd Spring Picnic was discussed. A potluck was talked about... this has been done in the past. Marta Buchanan said, in her experience, if the group that organizes a picnic brings hamburgers and hot dogs, and everyone else brings side dishes, there seems to be more people attending. Neil Scott said there are a number of folks in the neighborhood who like vegetarian dishes. Mariano Rodriguez said that "veggie burgers" may be something that people will like. If we are going to have a Jumping Castle, that brings alot of kids to the picnic, it may be useful to begin the event at 2pm (instead of 4pm). Marta Buchanan said that to have 2 Jumping Castles... one for little kids, and one for big kids, may lessen the chance of injuries. Considering that, Roland LaVetter asked, "What about insurance?" As for fun and games, he added that there could be 3-legged races, sack races, and basketball games. Marta Buchanan said that it would be helpful to have a mailing, maybe two, to all residents of the neighborhood. Next month, during the Board meeting, we will determine who brings what... for example, food and equipment. Marta Buchanan will check into the cost of renting Jumping Castles, Gary Stone will look into the expense of mailing(s), ask a musician at Peter Howell Elementary School about maybe having music at the picnic, and check with Tucson Parks and Recreation department about PHNA having the event 3/23. When it comes to PHNA having a protocol, or procedure, to spend money, we do. Gary Stone researched PHNA By-Laws and brought copies of the specific passages for Board members to see. Article VI. OFFICERS, Section 6.7 says, in part, "The Treasurer shall pay out all moneys as authorized by the Board of Directors." Article VIII. FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS, Section 8.2 states, in part, "All checks, drafts, or other orders for the payment of moneys... shall be determined by resolution of the Board of Directors." In other words, no PHNA money can be spent without approval of the PHNA Board of Directors. With reference to "branding" PHNA, Gary Stone said that 3 of the corners of our neighborhood have split-block walls, except the NW corner of Broadway Blvd. and Columbus Blvd. For years, the SE corner of Speedway Blvd. and Alvernon Way had tiles on it that spelled out "Peter Howell." When the City of Tucson widened Speedway to a 6-lane divided road from Campbell Ave. to Alvernon Way, they included, in the construction, the names of each neighborhood along the way... plus our neighborhood. But, after many car crashes into that wall, the PHNA Board finally said to the City of Tucson that they don't have to replace the "Peter Howell" tiles. But now, with the discussion of "branding," putting tiles on walls with the "Peter Howell" name on them could be a cost-effective way to begin to "brand" our neighborhood... until we come up with better design ideas and the money to pay for them. We could start by asking the City of Tucson to replace  what was originally at the SE corner of Speedway Blvd. and Alvernon Way, then speak with the private property owners at the other corners about PHNA doing the same thing. Also, along the lines of "branding," Gary Stone spoke of expanding the idea of "Poets Corner." First, he said that the boundaries of downtown Tucson used to be the railroad tracks on the north, 14th Street on the south, and I-10 on the west. But currently, with the "modern streetcar" being built, the idea of downtown is now everything between the University of Arizona and what used to be considered downtown... and it's been enlarged beyond that. So, the idea of "Poets Corner," historically south of 5th Street (to Broadway Blvd., between Alvernon Way and Columbus Blvd.) could include the area north of 5th Street. Why? Because that part of the neighborhood also has the street names of many poets... such as Irving, Longfellow, Bryant, Hawthorne, Roberts, and maybe more. In regard to changing  the name of our neighborhood association to "Poets Corner," Gary Stone said that unless the school closes, now would not be the right time to do that. He said that Peter Howell Elementary School has been, in many ways, the nucleus of the neighborhood. The school is also geographically in the center of the neighborhood. For decades it was the school that children in the area went to. Now with busing, charter schools, and school choice, kids, with their parents' ok, can attend any school they want. Despite the fact that almost all of the students who go to Peter Howell live outside of our neighborhood, these kids will be responsible for the future. They deserve the best education that can be provided. Gary Stone added that, we (the PHNA Board) need to help the school in any way we can. Peter Howell is now a "B" rated school, but if it can become an "A" school, that would greatly increase the chance that most of the children who live in our area would go there. It could mean the school will have a high probability of staying open. Tucson Unified School District would probably not close a successful school with neighborhood support. These are some of the reasons why the Peter Howell Neighborhood Association should keep its name. New Business: Neil Scott talked about the e-mails sent to the current PHNA Board of Directors, and the former PHNA Board of Directors, from Gary Graham, who is protesting a new bar that may occupy the space of the former Cactus Moon bar near the SW corner of Broadway Blvd. and Craycroft Rd. He seems to live east of this location across Craycroft Rd. in the Loma Verde Neighborhood.(Mr. Graham gave only his e-mail address as contact info.) His concerns are DUIs, guns, and drugs. He included a copy of an 11/12/2001 Tucson Citizen newspaper article about a man who was shot either near the bar or 2 blocks south. Mr. Graham is worried this will happen again. The now-closed Cactus Moon was open over 20 years. Several PHNA Board Members had, over the years, gone there many times. Neil Scott said that he called the Tucson Police Department, and asked about the Cactus Moon, along with the proposed Neon Moon bar, and was told that they have no reason to believe there is "probable cause" for gun problems or drug use. Gary Stone said that since he had to buy a website to post the PHNA Meeting Notes (or minutes), he got because it's easier to remember than what we have now ( He said that it cost $60, but will double in price next year. He added that when he is no longer PHNA President he will give the website to the Peter Howell Neighborhood Association. Also, he mentioned that in the course of time he will try to put everything that's on our blog onto the website. If possible, he would like to include more information. Neil Scott said that once the website is complete, it would probably be a good idea to also keep the blog online for about a year... so people can find the info they need, and make the transition. The next PHNA Board Meeting will be February 20 in the Peter Howell School library. The meeting was over around 8:15pm. Notes by Gary Stone.

December 8, 2012 At 3pm December 8, 2012, there was a Peter Howell Neighborhood Meeting in the cafeteria of Peter Howell Elementary School. PHNA Board Members present were Roland LaVetter and Gary Stone. There were 60 people in attendance. The main purpose was to talk about the 11/18/12 shooting of Sergeant Robert Carpenter of the Tucson Police Department (TPD). This day, the Sergeant and other TPD officers responded to a burglary alarm at a home on the 4000 block of E. Elmwood Street. Councilman Steve Kozachik talked about how TPD is underfunded and understaffed by at least 100 officers. Also, as a result of TPD not being able to pay police officers enough, as compared to other cities or agencies, many leave... and for example, go to work for the City of Mesa. He said that until the City of Tucson gets its priorities in order we will continue to have challenges with law enforcement. Captain Jim McShea of the Tucson Police Department, Midtown division, spoke next. He mentioned that when Sergeant Carpenter was shot there was hardly a sound... only a pop. Some of the officers didn't hear anything. Captain McShea said this can happen at a crime scene when people are busy. The Captain added that, at first, they thought the Sergeant was possibly hit with a pellet gun, because although the Sergeant fell down, he was conscious and talking, almost as if nothing happened... the Sergeant asked about his officers.. how they were doing. But, when Sergeant Carpenter arrived at the hospital and was tested, the doctors found that he had a bullet in his brain. It's in a place where it cannot be removed. Despite this, the Sergeant is out of University Medical Center, and is in a rehabilitation hospital. As for 11/29/12, when a man and a juvenile with guns were chased through our neighborhood for several hours , Captain McShea said that, during this time, there were several key incidents around the TPD Midtown Division that took officers away from our area. The Midtown Division covers 32 square miles, and is the largest in Tucson. It's between the north boundary of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base along Golf Links Rd. to River Rd., and between Campbell Ave. and Craycroft Rd. There are 113,000 people in the division. Also, it has the highest number of dispatch calls per square mile in the city. Gary Stone spoke about the need for people to go to Neighborhood Watch meetings to not only talk about crime, but to get to know your neighbors better. He said that it's important to report crime and suspicious activity to help the police. Michele McGeady and Polly Knape of the Southern Arizona Mental Health Corporation (SAMHC) gave a Community Presentation. They talked about the stages of grief: shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing, acceptance. Also discussed, were the stresses related to a critical incident, along with helpful hints in dealing with a critical incident. They gave contact information for various kinds of situations, so that people know where to go for assistance. Polly Knape and Michele McGeady also responded to questions from the audience. The meeting ended around 4:30pm Notes by Gary Stone.

November 28, 2012 Around 7:30pm on Wednesday November 28, 2012 the Peter Howell Neighborhood Association (PHNA) had a Board Meeting in the library of Peter Howell Elementary School. Board Members present were Marta Buchanan, Scott Duerstock, Roland LaVetter, Mariano Rodriguez, Neil Scott, Gary Stone, Matei Tarail. No one was absent. Old Business: The money from traffic circles was discussed. Neil Scott said that it's helpful to talk about the funds originally raised to build traffic circles. Having the conversation in the minutes of meetings will give notice to anyone who would like to get a refund. Scott Duerstock, who was on the PHNA Board when the money was raised, by way of yard sales, said the question of returning money to people was discussed about 6 years ago, when it became clear the project would not happen. As he recalls, nobody has asked for their money back. And, given the nature of yards sales, folks probably don't have receipts. Gary Stone added that he remembers Don Ijams, former PHNA President and Board Member, mentioning something similar. In regard to coyotes in the neighborhood, questions were asked. Can Pima County Animal Control pick up and relocate the coyotes? The answer is they don't pick up and relocate coyotes. Can the Arizona Game & Fish Department pick up coyotes? No, they will only tag coyotes with tracking devices to see where they go. Marta Buchanan will contact Beverly LaVetter, and they will continue to try to figure out a way to remove coyotes from our neighborhood. As for the Alvernon Mariano Rodriguez will call the Tucson Department Of Transportation, and ask them to put up 25 Mile Per Hour signs on 3rd Street, to remind drivers to slow down. Hopefully, this will increase safety. With the upcoming PHNA Spring Picnic in Alvernon Park, there was talk about how April may be too hot for some folks. One response was: this is Tucson, people are use to it. After more discussion, it was decided that the picnic should be moved to the first Saturday after spring begins... March 23rd. That way it's still a picnic in the spring, just cooler and earlier. Marta Buchanan had the idea of having a Jumping Castle for kids. Gary Stone said that he recently read in the Arizona Daily Star about how often children get hurt in Jumping Castles. Marta Buchanan said that sometimes there are bruises or scrapes, but Jumping Castles are popular. They can be found many places. Kids enjoy them. And, one can be rented for a reasonable price. At this point, Gary Stone said that instead of thinking of ways to spend money, he would hope people would bring up ideas about how to make money. Scott Duerstock said that a way we can make money would be to list businesses in our area, home-based and otherwise, on our weblog for a fee... maybe $10 a year. Mariano Rodriguez made a motion to send an e-mail to people asking if they have a home business, and they want to be listed in our Service Directory, to please send us $10 to get advertising for a year. Scott Duerstock seconded the motion. This was approved unanimously. Gary Stone said that it is going to take some time for him to prepare a Service Directory area on our weblog... he didn't know how long this would take... he also said that it would be helpful to have more people on our e-mail list. Scott Duerstock then asked if the PHNA has a protocol when it spends money. In other words, is there a procedure, written down, that PHNA Board Members must follow in order to spend PHNA money? Neil Scott, the current Treasurer, said that the only money spent in recent years was a small amount related to the annual picnic... and, that was one time. No one could recall a specific way to do this. The topic will be discussed further. Back to the PHNA Spring Picnic... Neil Scott thought it would be a good idea to have an area set aside for folks, who live in the neighborhood and have businesses here, to display and talk about what they do. Gary Stone said that it may be fun to have sack races or wheelbarrow races for kids and their parents. Scott Duerstock said that a salsa (food) contest, for the best tasting salsa, may be something people would like. There could even be a trophy that could pass from winner to winner each year. Next, there was discussion about Peter Howell Elementary School. It is, thankfully, not on the list of schools to be closed by the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). Marta Buchanan spoke with a TUSD Board Member, and was told that the current schools to be closed will, most likely, be on the west side of town, because the past round of closures already shut down schools on the east side. Near the beginning of the year (2013), Gary Stone said that Peter Howell Elementary would be building a health clinic within its existing walls. Health care for students and parents is essential for children to do better in school. The clinic will be staffed by a doctor. Also, PHNA residents are welcome to use the clinic. New Business: There was a conversation about "branding" the Peter Howell Neighborhood. Mariano Rodriguez said, one way would be to have some kind of architecture at each corner of the neighborhood with Peter Howell on it... for example, 1) SE corner of Speedway Blvd. and Alvernon Way 2) SW corner of Speedway Blvd. and Columbus Blvd. 3) NW corner of Broadway Blvd. and Columbus Blvd. 4) NE corner of Broadway Blvd. and Alvernon Way As for more locations, Neil Scott said that these spots may be a benefit: 5) 5th Street and Alvernon Way 6) 5th Street and Columbus Blvd. Also, having signs that say Peter Howell Neighborhood on all of the "street name signs," that lead into our area, could be another way to distinguish the neighborhood. Doing these things would let people know our neighborhood boundaries. It would add to our sense of place. This could encourage residents to have more pride and responsibility... for instance, to care more for their neighborhood and homes. In reference to "brand," changing the name of our neighborhood to "Poets Corner" was talked about. Historically, "Poets Corner" has been the south half of the Peter Howell Neighborhood... Broadway Blvd. to 5th Street, Alvernon Way to Columbus Blvd. In this area, most of the streets are named after poets. After discussion, it was generally considered that Peter Howell is the right name for our association. Neil Scott mentioned that he removed most of the graffiti from the concrete parking bumpers on the west side of Alvernon Park. Also, he called the City of Tucson to clean off the graffiti on a wall near Peter Howell Elementary School. Another way for neighbors to communicate, said Scott Duerstock, would be a "message board," maybe in Alvernon Park... that would be worthwhile...something for us to think about. After this, Neil Scott suggested making PHNA a non-profit organization. Gary Stone said that would be a good way to go. It would reduce the cost of U.S. mail, among other things. The cost of becoming a non-profit, however, would be around $1,000 - $1,500. Scott Duerstock said that maybe former PHNA President and Board Member Clague Van Slyke would know someone who would be willing to do this for us without a fee. Gary Stone said that a Peter Howell Neighborhood meeting, communicated earlier by e-mail as possible, was arranged for December 8th in the cafeteria of Peter Howell School. The speakers would be Councilman Steve Kozachik, a Tucson Police Department representative, and counselors from Southern Arizona Mental Health. He then gave each Board Member a copy of a 4-page handout (printed on both sides of the page) for the meeting. He said that he would go door-to-door to give this information to as many residents as possible. He added that he had 350 handouts (or 2,800 printed pages). The print work was done for PHNA at no charge. That happened because of the kind and generous people of FedEx Office at 5480 E. Broadway Boulevard, and Reproductions Inc. at 234 E. 6th Street. The meeting finished at roughly 9:10pm. Notes by Gary Stone.

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