Monday, March 19, 2018

Peter Howell Neighborhood 2018 Yard Sales

Dear Peter Howell Neighbors,

This coming Saturday March 24 is our annual Peter Howell Neighborhood Association Yard Sale. This year I will be hosting the tables at my home, 4002 E 4th St, with donated items to be sold to benefit our neighborhood association.


So far I have only heard from 3 people who will be bringing items for our table. I know everyone has something/s that they want to get rid of and that there is someone out there who will want to buy it. I will make it easy for you. I will be home (4002 E 4th St, SE corner at Longfellow) the following times for drop off.
Weds 11-3
Thurs 12-5
Friday 12-5
If these times don't work, email me at or call 400-8928 and we can work it out for some other time. I have a truck and am willing to pick up large items if you can help to load. This is a really easy way to spring clean and help out the neighborhood too.

Also, we need help putting up signs to bring in customers for the sales. If you are having a sale and want to be sure the signs point your way, call Patricia Martin at 520 365-7877. Signs can be picked up Friday evening and put out then or early Saturday morning before 7. Even if you are not having a sale, we can use your help with this event.

Also, we need one more person to help at the PHNA table on Saturday morning 7-?. The rush always comes in the first few hours, so you probably won't need to stay but for a few hours. It's fun!

I hope to see you soon, before or during the PHNA sale at 4002 E. 4th St. *B-) cool

Mary Koopman

Here's an updated map of neighborhood locations where yard sales will be held from 7 AM until 1 PM Saturday March 24, 2018. Please let us know of cancelled yard sales.

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